Sons of Confederate Veterans begin construction again after more than 12 months of no progress

Above: The Confederate Memorial of the Wind as of Tuesday, August 28, 2018.

From KBMT Channel 12 (Beaumont), August 20, 2018:

ORANGE — Construction crews appear to have returned to the Confederate Memorial of the Wind Monument along Interstate 10 in Orange. It looks like work is underway on a new walkway.

Since the memorial was constructed in 2013, it’s proven controversial.

The Sons of Confederate Veterans is the group behind the memorial, which is built on private land. A woman from Orange saw crews there this weekend and contacted 12News. She says the memorial is offensive. We agreed to protect her identity because she fears for her safety. “We don’t need that memorial in our town. and I believe it encourages racism,” she said Monday.

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One thought on “Sons of Confederate Veterans begin construction again after more than 12 months of no progress

  1. This memorial is an historical memorial honoring Texas veterans who fought honorably for their state in a different era not measured yet by todays standards. the memorial is an expression of free speech located on private property and its purpose is revered by many who still believe in heritage and tradition that do not advocate for any discrimination or endorsement of slavery in any way in this time and place but regard that as an issue settled in the past that is a part of history simply not to be erased
    for political correctness or historical revisionism. It’s notable that this progressive faction protesting ties their objections to anti-Trump politics, just another facet of Trump Derangement Syndrome which blames nearly every conjured victimization or transgression or injury from slavery to hurricanes on our President and these campaigns against not just Confederate but nearly all American and nationalistic heroes, traditions and monuments not acceptable to the progressive one world ideology and agenda!

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