Thank you for helping us raise our billboard overlooking the memorial for the next 6 months!

Thanks to your generosity and solidarity (via our GoFundMe), we were able to purchase 6 months of advertising space for the price of 5. With our new contract, our billboards will be appearing through the end of the year and MLK Day 2021. Over the course of our now 3-year campaign to repurpose the site, countless Orange residents have written us to express their support for our efforts. Every time a mother or father drives down MLK Dr. (a main artery) in Orange to take their children to school, they see our billboard across from the memorial. We hope it is a reminder to them that the overwhelming majority of Orange residents oppose the conspicuous display of Confederate iconography in their city. The billboard wouldn’t be possible without you. Please see the new artwork below. I’ve also included a photo from our last protest in June. In the background you can see the billboard that was made possible by our previous round of fund raising. Tracie and I would like to share our heartfelt thanks with you for donating to our campaign.

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